Gordon Street Kitchen

These clients really cook, and needed an efficient kitchen with high-powered machines to do the work, and a hospitable gathering space for friends and family.What emerged was four particular walls, each with its own character; the hardworking range/sink/refrigerator wall, where most of the business of cooking goes on, the bookcase/doorway wall, the fireplace wall, flanked by a rehabilitated china cabinet and doorway to the dining room, and the bay wall, with its yellow surfaces glowing like a split melon. This client's sophisticated eye for color helped pull the project beyond the ordinary. They're most surprised at how much the flow was improved by adding a door from kitchen to hallway.
“Helios is professional, thoughtful, resourceful and creative in their approach. They managed to incorporate all of our requests, and the result is a kitchen that functions as beautifully as it looks.”

Ann Boyajian